Budget 2024 - 2025 

Knaresborough Town Council has set its budget for 2024/25, this budget will allow for continued development of projects throughout the Town and working in partnership with other organisations to deliver improvements throughout.  This budget also reflects the Town Council’s decision to use some of the 2023/24 reserves and, through its grant funding process, continue to help the charity and voluntary sector in the Town.


The Council’s budget from April 2024 will include the following:

  • £30,000 available for grant schemes (available to any local voluntary/charitable organisations that can demonstrate a need and the benefits to the Town and its residents).  These will be divided into 3 categories, general grants, green grants for Youth organisations and small grants;
  • £54,700 for Town Council projects and events or to support local projects and events, including to help prepare for opportunities presented by devolution;
  • £10,000 for potential Town Council election costs;
  • £9,200 towards flower beds and other maintenance;
  • £15,150 general operating costs;
  • £38,000 for the seasonal lighting contract, including a contingency for improvement to the scheme;
  • £91,700 towards current staff costs and potential expansion of staffing needs.

Knaresborough Town Council



Gross Spending




Net Spending after use of balances




Parish Precept




Parish Band D Tax