Freedom of Information Act

Knaresborough Town Council is committed to making information publicly available whenever possible. The Council has adopted the Model Publication Scheme produced by the Information Commissioners’ Office. This sets out what information the Council should publish. The Scheme is accompanied by a Guide to Published Information (otherwise known as the Publication Scheme) which sets out how the information is published. Most of Knaresborough Town Council’s information is published by being placed on this website but there is a small amount of information which is only available in hard copy.

If you think we might have information that is not listed in the Guide you can write or email and ask us. We will then tell you whether we have the information, and if we do have it, we will provide it. There are a few ‘exemptions’, for example personal data about other individuals, where we are unable to provide information.

You can find out more about your rights to information on the Information Commissioner’s website.

 Knaresborough Town Council Publication Scheme