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Knaresborough Town Council is a Parish Council that has, like many of the large urban parishes, resolved to be known as a Town Council, which carries the right to a Town Mayor instead of a Chairman.

Knaresborough Town Council was created in 1974 as successor to the former Knaresborough Urban District Council. Although it is styled as a Town Council, it has the same status in law as a Parish Council.

Knaresborough is one of the 148 parishes within the Harrogate Borough area, which includes Ripon, Pateley Bridge and Boroughbridge. The Town Council has 12 members (Councillors) with 3 Councillors representing each of the four wards in the town, Aspin and Calcutt Ward, Castle Ward, Eastfield Ward and Scriven Park Ward.

Elections to Knaresborough Town Council are keenly contested by all major political parties as well as by independents. There are 12 Town Councillors who are usually elected to serve for a four-year term of office: the most recent elections taking place in May 2022. The Councillors appoint one of their number to serve as Mayor for a one-year term of office. The Town Mayor has 2 distinct roles, the Chair of the Council, chairing all full council meetings, and the Civic Head, representing the Authority and its area, with the insignia of the chains of office.  For more information on the Mayor, please see the Mayoral Page.

None of our Town Councillors receive an income from their role as Town Councillors. They are able to claim expenses for any official business but in theory very few ever have.  The Mayor receives an allowance in order to cover the expenses incurred fulfilling that role.

The Council currently has three part-time employees: The Town Clerk, the Deputy Clerk and the Community Projects Officer who are based in an office on the first floor at Knaresborough House. Town Council staff are expected to be completely politically neutral.

Town and Parish Councils have a limited range of powers but are consulted about, and can influence decisions on, a wide range of functions and services outside their control. Much of the Council’s work involves lobbying North Yorkshire Council on behalf of the Town. Knaresborough Town Council presently owns allotment land at Bilton Hall Drive and Stockwell Road, and also the Community Centre Knaresborough, (currently known as the Knaresborough Wellbeing Hub and managed by North Yorkshire). Knaresborough Town Councillors are also trustees for the King George V Playing Field.

The Town Council meets in the Council Chamber on a Monday evening at 7.00pm, please follow the link for more information on our meeting dates and agenda. There are also several Committees and Working Groups, which meet regularly or whenever there is business to discuss.

Knaresborough Town Council is funded by its Parish Precept which forms part of the Council Tax. This income is used to fund community projects, to provide small grants to local community groups as well as running the council office.

Knaresborough Town Council Business Plan 2024 - 2027 
Knaresborough Town Council Action Plan 2024