Police and Community Liaison Group

Working together with our local police

A new local police and community liaison group for the town was set up in 2022, following a number of concerns being raised about anti social behaviour in the town. This group has since met on a quarterly basis. Councillor Kathryn Davies initially set this up, and organises meetings in collaboration with our local police inspector, Holly Nicholls. The group includes other town councillors, community leaders, youth workers and school representatives.

The focus of the group has evolved over the last two years and is now more proactive, anticipating future problems and looking at ways to provide the right intervention where possible. This also helps our local police to plan ahead, and in doing so, to try and achieve the best use of police resources.

Summaries of these quarterly meetings have in the past been posted on local social media, but the approved minutes of the meetings of this group will in future be available for public view on the town council’s website. The police also give regular presentations and are available to answer questions from the public at the Annual Town Meeting, which is held each March in Knaresborough House, and which is advertised in advance on the town council’s website.

The Group encourages all residents to sign up to community messaging, which can be accessed from the North Yorkshire Police website. This will give you regular updates about any police issues in your immediate area, and the ability to contact police officers direct. You can also download the app Police.uk, which will provide you with all the local police statistics and information.

In the meantime, if anyone has any specific problems or anything that you wish to be raised at a future meeting of this group, please don’t hesitate to contact Councillor Davies at kathryn.davies@knaresboroughtowncouncil.gov.uk Councillor Davies is also a member of the Harrogate District Independent Police Advisory Group, so if there are any issues you wish to be raised at these district wide meetings, please let her know by contacting her at the e mail address above.

Meeting minutes

Please click on the links to download the meeting minutes 

Meeting minutes - 23rd April 2024