New interpretation boards at Knaresborough Castle

Published: 09 November 2022

A Town Council project to improve interpretation at Knaresborough Castle reached an important milestone last week when 10 new boards were installed at the castle. This was funded by Knaresborough Town Council with Harrogate Borough Council’s District Improvement Scheme also contributing.

The new boards are now in place with new illustrations and text. Local artist Caroline Miekina of Janvs Vidar produced the new artwork, with very attractive and engaging images showing how life might have been at the castle in the 14th century.

One of new boards explains the sequence of multi-coloured floodlights at the castle and another in the moat, explains what the Sallyport is and how it was used during the siege of the castle. The 8 other boards are new designs replacing old boards which were showing signs of wear and tear.

Chair of the Knaresborough Town Council Castle Working Group, former Councillor Christine Willoughby explained “This scheme is phase 1 as the Castle Working Group are hoping to go on to replace the 2 large boards at the entrances to the castle grounds. This will all culminate in a grand celebration of the 900th anniversary of the castle in 2030.” There are also further ideas to aid interpretation of the castle’s purpose and function, and its role in the development of Knaresborough.

If anyone is interested in joining the working group please contact the town clerk.

 Interpretation BoardInterpretation Board

Interpretation BoardInterpretation Board