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The Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) is an important document for Knaresborough’s future. If formally adopted, the NDP will become a legal document which will be consulted for all planning applications in Knaresborough until 2035. The Plan was compiled through consultations with Knaresborough residents between December 2013 and September 2016.

Following the public consultation, the plan will be submitted to an independent planning inspector and, after that the NDP will be subject to a local referendum. If more than 50% of the votes are cast in favour, the NDP will become a statutory document and will be Knaresborough's chapter in Harrogate District's local plan

The NDP Public Consultation is now closed

Our thanks to all who have helped with the consultation process and those who have provided a response. 

Public Consultation Results

The results of the public consultation can be found in the spreadsheet HERE. Summary of the results show an overwhelming level of support for the policy proposals.

To view a spreadsheet with the full breakdown of responses please click HERE. The second spreadsheet gives details of written responses from a range of statutory agencies and others. To view please click HERE. Both spreadsheets have an analysis of feedback comments and an indication, where appropriate, of what action the NDP team are taking to address the points raised.

Based on comments relevant to the policy areas that formed the basis of the consultation we are currently editing the master document. See following copy. This document will be updated a couple of times as we continue to work through the editing and final design process. 

NDP Draft Master Document
Harrogate Borough Council's SEA Screening Report
NDP History
NDP Working Documents 

The documents below formed part of the consultation process and are available here for information only:

Policy Maps

heritage sites

Heritage Sites


community facilities

Community Facilities


local green corridor

Local Green Corridor


local green space

Local Green Space

local wildlife sites

Wildlife and Green Spaces Outer