Planning Committee

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6 Jan 20


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6 Apr 20

At the Full Council Meeting held on 16 March 2020 Council agreed to cancel all future meetings until further notice

1 Jun 20


6 Aug 20




Planning Information

The Town Council is consulted by Harrogate Borough Council on every planning application for the Town/Parish.


Please click here for the Plain English Guide to the Planning System

Harrogate Borough Council is the planning authority and manages the whole process of planning. Knaresborough Town Council makes observations or objections which Harrogate then considers. Please note that Harrogate Borough Council makes the final decision on all planning applications within Knaresborough.

All planning applications to be considered by Knaresborough Town Council are included in the Agenda for each Council meeting. If you have any comments or queries regarding planning applications please contact the Town Clerk on


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