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Knaresborough Town Council have 2 allotments sites; Stockwell Road and a field off Bilton Hall Drive. The land at Stockwell Road provides allotments for many local people, but with around eighty people on the waiting list the Town Council decided to buy more land for allotments. Council has now bought a substantial field, big enough for around eighty allotments or more, and with wonderful views of the town centre.

The land is within Knaresborough and is accessed by car off Bilton Hall Drive, towards Starbeck. It can also be reached by footpath and by using the Beryl Burton cycleway.

If you are interested in registering at the Stockwell Road Allotment site then please contact Lindsay Brogatski by email at linzi.h.arrison@hotmail.co.uk


Jubilee Allotments

Jubilee Allotments

stockwell road allotments