Who Does What?

Here in alphabetical order are some of the common requests for assistance the office receive.

The Clerk & Councillors are always willing to help, but it may save you a phone call to get through to the right person first time.

Alphabetical Knaresborough Town Council (KTC) Harrogate Borough Council (HBC) North Yorks. County Council (NYCC)
  01423 864080



01423 500600 or 
0845 300 6091

01609 780780
or 0845 872 7374

Allotments Owned by KTC - managed by associations    
Bonfires   HBC  
Bus Pass     NYCC
Bus Shelter   HBC  
Care Direct     NYCC
Car Parks   HBC  
Castle   HBC are managers  
Cemeteries   HBC  
Christmas Lights KTC    
Education     NYCC
Elections   HBC  
Environmental   HBC  
Farmers Market Run by OTP –    
Footpaths     NYCC
Fly Tipping   HBC  
Grass Cutting     NYCC
Gritting     NYCC
Highways     NYCC
Housing   HBC  
Libraries     NYCC
Licensing   HBC  
Lighting (see Street)     NYCC 
Market Wednesday   HBC  
Noise   HBC  
Planning   HBC  
Pollution   HBC  
Register Births     NYCC
Register Marriage     NYCC
Register Death     NYCC
Refuse   HBC  
Road Kill   HBC  
Road Signs     NYCC
School & Education     NYCC
Social Services     NYCC
Street Lighting     NYCC
Toilets   HBC  
               Trees & Preservation                  HBC  
This list is a working list - & will be updated – but if there is something you think should be added, please let us know, our details are above