The 'Town Team' Working Group

Knaresborough Town Council has set-up this working group to identify possible improvements to the town centre, specifically streets with a significant retail offer. The working group will involve local businesses and appropriate community groups. The working group will initially look for 'quick wins'; improvements that could be implemented quickly, easily or at a low cost. The group will also identify other clearly defined projects that could be put forward for funding when grants become available or that could be pursued with the appropriate authority.

If you feel you have something to contribute to the group, and would like to get involved, please contact Hannah Gostlow -


Cycle Hubs Consultation


Knaresborough Town Council is proposing two new cycle parking hubs in the town centre as a first step to create a cycle friendly Knaresborough.

A working group of Knaresborough Town Council  has been looking into how to actively promote a 'cycle friendly Knaresborough' and one aspect of this is enhancing the cycle storage provision in the town centre.

Being a very popular tourist destination Knaresborough is visited by a large number of cyclists, however they don't all stop in the town centre. Existing cycle parking is inadequate and has been badly positioned. We would like to facilitate a change, so that these visitors and local businesses would benefit.

Air pollution issues are well recognised in Knaresborough and we want to play our part in promoting green travel options for anyone traveling within our town.

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