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 About the NDP

The Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) is an important document for Knaresborough’s future. If formally adopted, the NDP will become a legal document which will be consulted for all planning applications in Knaresborough until 2035. The Plan was compiled through consultations with Knaresborough residents between December 2013 and September 2016.

Following the public consultation, the plan will be submitted to an independent planning inspector and, after that the NDP will be subject to a local referendum.  If more than 50% of the votes are cast in favour, the NDP will become a statutory document and will be Knaresborough's chapter in Harrogate District's local plan

The NDP public consultation is now closed.

Our thanks to all who have help with the consultation process and those who have provided a response.

Public Consultation Results

The results of the public consultation can be found in the spreadsheet below.  Summary of the results show an overwhelming level of support for the policy proposals:


 Q No.  % Agree
 % Agree Wording 
 1 Vision  79   96  Knaresborough will be a place with a sense of community and a distinctive identity, where people choose to stay and live and work, because of the excellent education facilities, the choice and quality of work, the range of leisure opportunities and access to housing.  A town that people visit, and a town that people choose to set up a business.
 CRE1  87   95 Local green corridors to be protected with development proposals only permitted in exceptional circumstances.
 CRE2  90  98 Biodiversity to be maintained and enhanced, including protection of key sites and impact of development of wildlife, water, plants and trees considered.
 CRE3  86  97 Development proposals near a Site of Special Scientific Interest to show how they would protect the area, with harmful proposals only permitted in exceptional circumstances.
 CRE4  88  98 Development proposals should ensure Public Rights of Way are not disrupted and, wherever practicable, provide for new and/or enhanced opportunities for off-road travel.
 CRE5  86  96 Development proposals near the Nidd Gorge to show how they would protect the area, with proposals in the gorge only permitted in exceptional circumstances.
 CRE6   95  98 New development should not add to the overall level of flood risk in the Knaresborough parish.
 BE1  83  96 Development proposals, including conversion of existing premises, should be designed to relate appropriately to their location including considering style and material, off-street parking and rights of way.
 BE2   77  96 Design in the Conservation Area should take into account a number of factors including architectural style and materials used, and should not impact negatively on the area's skyline.
 BE3   82  98 Proposals should make use of on-site parking rather than rely on street parking, with proposals considering off-road parking to be supported.
 BE4   78  97 Proposals for new shop frontages, or alterations to existing shop frontages should not remove traditional architecture, respect style and character of both building and area and be of an appropriate height.
 BE5   92  99 Development proposals to bring back into use redundant buildings and empty properties/empty spaces within properties will be encouraged where proposed use is in keeping with its immediate environment.
 BE6  90  98 Key named heritage features will be conserved and enhanced for their historic significance and their importance to local character and sense of place.
 CF1  90  99 Existing community facilities including meeting facilities, sports facilities, education sites, places of worship and healthcare services to be protected.
 CF2  85  96 Major new development proposals should demonstrate that they are providing the necessary level of investment in new community facilities, including public open spaces, relative to the projected numbers of new residents and in relation to their particular needs if appropriate.
 CF3  86  95 Development that would harm the functions of named Local Green Spaces will not be permitted.
 EB1  78  98 Proposals to upgrade or extend existing employment sites to take into account impact on neighbouring residents, traffic safety/pollution and character of area/countryside.
 EB2   82  96 Proposals to promote the visitor economy should broaden Knaresborough's appeal, be of an appropriate size and not impact negatively on traffic levels.
 EB3   72  90 The High Street to be protected with any loss of existing shopping facilities to have a suitable alternative proposed nearby unless unviable to retain the building in its current use.
 H1  78  89 Development proposals for new homes of 10 or more units should provide a mix of housing types and tenures that suit local requirements based upon the most up-to-date assessment of the local housing market and needs.
 H2  88  97 Proposals for new housing developments must meet a number of criteria including fitting into surroundings, linking with/providing public transport and providing sufficient parking.
 H3  64  94 Having assessed each of the policies to be included in the Neighbourhood Development Plan, how much do you agree or disagree that the document covers what is needed for the future of Knaresborough?

 To view a spreadsheet with the full breakdown of responses please click HERE.

 The second spreadsheet gives details of written responses from a range of statutory agencies and   others. To view please click HERE.

Both spreadsheets have an analysis of feedback comments and an indication, where appropriate, of what action the NDP team are taking to address the points raised.

Based on comments relevant to the policy areas that formed the basis of the consultation we are currently editing the master document.  See following copy.  This document will be updated a couple of times as we continue to work through the editing and final design process.

NDP Draft Master Document can be viewed by clicking this link below:

Draft Work in Progress Document 

 Click Here to view Harrogate Borough Council's SEA Screening Report

The documents below formed part of the consultation process and are available here for information only: 


Summary  Full Proposal Document

Please click on the links below to view a large version of each policy map:

Heritage Sites   Community Facilities    Local Green Corridor
Local Green Space Wildlife and Green Spaces Outer

 For further information about the history of the NDP process including minutes of meetings - click here