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Media Release Tuesday 2nd February 2016

Knaresborough Town Council Sets a Budget to Increase Investment within the Town

At its meeting last night, Knaresborough Town Council, has agreed the budget for 2016/2017, which will see an increase in the money available for working with other organisations within the town and for grants to help deliver improvements in the Town.

This is the first precept increase in Knaresborough in 4 years. This is due to councillors’ very careful spending over several years, but in a few cases, this has resulted in the inability to carry projects forward and to develop services.

Unfortunately Knaresborough Town Council has found that if services in the town are to be improved, and projects brought to fruition, then the precept has to increase.

Following the increasing demand from organisations in the town seeking financial support for projects and worthy causes, along with the need to invest in improving the town of Knaresborough, the Council’s budget from April 2016 will include:

£15,000 available for a grant scheme.

£10,800 for Events and Projects within the town.

£11,467 for improving services and as a strategic investment fund.

Now the budget has been agreed, Council will begin working on the details of the grant scheme and will make further announcements regarding the grant application process in the coming weeks.

I am pleased to say that this budget has cross party support - the increase in budget will be £22,448. This equates to an increase of less than 7p per week in the precept on a Band D property. (£21.57 a year)

The Clerk had prepared data obtained during the preparation of the draft budget, which showed that just under 55% of households in Knaresborough were in fact Bands A to C, and would pay proportionately less than the above amount, compared to just over 21% of Band D properties.

Councillors voted by 10 votes to 4, with 0 abstentions, to accept the proposed budget.

Due to significant grant reductions from Central Government, members recognised that all of the other precepting authorities would be increasing their budgets too, but it was pointed out that as of late, far more is expected to be delivered at town and parish level, and because of this, the Council has to increase its precept

Following last night’s decision, Knaresborough Town Council will notify Harrogate Borough Council of its precept request for £119,182 (having taken into consideration the precept grant of £5,894 from Harrogate Borough Council). This will be included on the Council Tax bills issued in March/April.

 For further information about this press release please contact:

Name: Nicola Smith

Role: Clerk to the Council

Telephone: 01423 864080





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